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Home found – Obi (Speagle)

** UPDATE ***************************
Obi the Speagle has now been re homed to a family member of the original owner, thanks for all your interest in him.

We have received a request to help find a new forever home for Obi the Speagle (Beagle/Cocker spaniel cross).

If you are interested, please contact our rehoming co-ordinator Susie (dogease@actrix.co.nz).

Obi’s details are as follows:

  • Current location: Birkenhead, North Shore
  • Reason for your beagle needing a new home: Family work and school circumstances mean Obi is left alone for long periods of time.
  • Name: Obi
  • Age: 14 months
  • Sex: Male (desexed)
  • Colour: tan and white
  • Council registered and microchipped
  • Breeder: K9 Companions, Christchurch
  • Character: Obi is energetic, loving, and in need of human and/or canine company.  He needs plenty of exercise, and loves to run. He can be very protective and guarding of his food and possessions. We would insist on a new owner with plenty of dog handling experience. Though usually very happy around all people, he has nipped and growled at people, including children, when he has felt surrounded or surprised. For this reason we would prefer an owner that does not have young children.
  • No known health issues.
  • He is very sociable with other dogs, although likes to chase cats.
  • He is toilet trained, and loves to be inside but is very happy outside provided he is not left alone for long periods.
  • He has attended puppy pre-school, is good with basic commands such as ’sit’, but could do with further training.
  • Fully vaccinated, with worm worm and flea treatment up to date.