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Home Wanted – Kale

If you are interested in re-homing Kale, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Kale is a tan & white neutered male who is approximately 3 years old. He is registered and microchipped.

He is being re-homed because his current owner has a small daughter (3) and finds she has less and less time to give him the exercise he needs. She is also in a rental property with inadequate fencing and he often escapes. If he gets bored he digs holes.

Unfortunately in his first year he was mostly kept in a large cage by his first owner with infrequent exercise and attention. His current owner adopted him when he was around 1, and she has now had him for about 2 years.

Kale has done 6 months obedience training and has certificates. He just loved running and performing the exercises on the course laid out at dog obedience and would probably love to more of this.

He can shake hands, dance and do tricks.

He is socialised with other cats and dogs and is good with children.

His last vet appointment was in the last 6 months – vaccinations, flea treatment and worming all up to date.

Kale needs lots of attention and heaps of exercise and workouts.

Kale has a lovely, friendly nature and his ideal home would be one with fencing and supervision with an owner who preferably has beagle experience and time to spend with him.


Home Found – Coco

Coco has now been re-homed – thank you everyone who submitted applications.  If you are still keen to help some beagles find a new forever home, please consider Leo & Spud who are also looking for a home.

If you are interested in adopting Coco, please contact Terry Humphries on 021274 9145 or by email on adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Coco is our beautiful 3.5 year old female purebred tri-colour beagle (born 12 May 2010). She is spayed and comes with papers (I can’t find the papers at the moment, but the breeder is Maria Amon from Callisto Beagles – Thames.) She has been micro chipped, has recently had a vet check on 13/12/13 and had her vaccinations including kennel cough, has been wormed and de-flead.

Our reason for needing to rehome Coco is that since having our son 18 months ago, Coco has not been getting the attention she needs from us. Our toddler torments her and we can see this causes a lot of stress and anxiety for Coco (who is usually a very happy dog). To give Coco her own space away from our toddler we have been needing to put her in the backyard more often, thus causing behavioural issues and jealousy, including barking and howling when we’re inside without her, and jumping the fence when were home (we have very low fences but this is something she’s never done before!) 

Coco would be best suited to a house without cats or other furry animals (as she loves cats sooooo much she will chase them and smother them with licks which usually terrifies the cat) but would be really happy with another dog. She is very social, she loves other dogs and people, and everyone loves Her. She is very submissive when it comes to other dogs and has never been aggressive.

Coco can be let off the lead (within reason). We are able to let her off the lead at the local park and she will usually sniff around and stay nearby. But if she gets on a scent she will take off and usually won’t listen to you calling her back until she’s had enough of tracking.

Coco sleeps in a crate in the garage at night. She is really good at going to bed when she’s told, and usually stays quiet until we get her up in the morning.

She has had lots of training as a puppy, walks quite well on the lead but once again if she gets on a scent she will pull a bit and is quite strong.  She knows basic commands, sit, stay, wait, high five, roll over, get around. But only when she’s paying attention. And if food is involved she will do anything. Of course she is fully toilet trained. She has been trained not to jump onto the couch, but if you like snuggles of course she will oblige! Coco has always been an inside and outside dog. Spending her days outside when we’re working, spending the evenings inside with us.

Coco will come with her crate, kennel, all her bedding, food bowls and any food we have left. She has always been on a diet of Eukanuba light dry food, but loves left overs and treats every now and then.


Beagle Walk – Cornwall Park – 7th December

More info coming soon….

Walk to be followed by the Christmas BBQ and Fun Day in Cornwall Park (this portion of the day is members only).   Members and Non-Members are all welcome to attend the beagle walk portion of the day.

Home Found – Geordie

Geordie has found his new home.  Thank you everyone who registered their interest in helping him.

Geordie needs a foster home urgently and long term needs a loving owner(s) who understands beagles and would be willing to put in the time and effort to train and nurture Geordie.

Please contact Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145

Here’s what Geordie’s current owners have told us: 

Dad passed away late last year so Geordie has been with my sister Lianna at the same property.

Geordie has been escaping daily as he receives no stimulation. I was able to receive some advice from animal trainer Mark Vette who suggested that he needs someone who is patient and understands beagles. He would be willing to talk to Geordie’s new owner over the phone to discuss approaches to training him.

The Ministry of Primary Industries trialed Geordie for their detector dog programme. Unfortunately, he wasn’t motivated by food enough!

  • He is around 3 & ½ years old.
  • Geordie is fine with other dogs.
  • Geordie is a very social dog and wants to be with his owner.
  • Geordie LOVES exercise such as walks but he is currently not exercised.
  • Geordie is registered, micro-chipped, neutered and up to date with all his vaccinations.

(Temp) Home Found- Jerry

Jerry has a temporary home.  If you are still looking to help a beagle, please check out our other lovelies who need a home.

If you can help look after Jerry until Feb next year, please get in touch with Terry Humphries on (021) 274 9145, or by email on adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

From Jerry’s owners:

We are proud owners of a 7 and a half year old male Tricolor Beagle called Jerry.

We recently sold our house in Devonport and have bought property in Papamoa, Tauranga. Our plans are to move down there in February of next year.

We are looking for rental accommodation in Devonport for the next 4 months but cannot find somewhere that can take us and Jerry.

Unfortunately it is getting to the point where we are going to have to rehouse him, which we don’t want to do. What we also don’t want to do is to put him in a boarding kennel.

Does the Auckland Beagle Club know of anyone that can either have him for the four month period or permanently take him?  We prefer the temporary option as we want to take him with us to Papamoa.

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Home Wanted – Leo & Spud

If you are interested please contact Lisa Rawlins lisa@belowero.co.nz (for North Island enquires) or Belinda Wilson bee.wilson22gmail.com (for South Island enquries). Don’t forget to include details about yourself and be sure to check our page on breed information and also our page on adopting a beagle.

Gorgeous Leo (almost 6) and Spud (8) are looking for a new home, their daughter Abby has been successfully re-homed, so just Mum & Dad needing a great new place to settle. Ideally we would like to find them a home together as they have always been together. They could go separately but would need canine company or someone who is around for a lot of the day. Their owner is reluctantly re-homing them due to very genuine reasons. Below is what he says about them (don’t they sound just lovely?)

  • All sit and wait for food
  • All good off leash in dog parks
  • Good with other animals (we have always had cats)
  • Good with children but have always been watchful as any owner would
  • Never had problem with biting but will give little growl when had enough
  • Mostly come when called
  • Always been inside dogs with dog door
  • All love cuddles. Spud and Abby like to hop on chair and cuddle at night with people
  • All like walks but also like to lay in sun, not hyperactive
  • All like company of people
  • Leo likes to be under a blanket at night
  • Spud loves belly rubs

Abby Spud Leo

Home Found – Kody

Kody has found a loving new home in Tauranga.  Thank you to everyone who was interested in adopting Kody.

If you are interested in adopting Kody, please contact our Adoption Coordinator Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145 or by email at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz

Here’s what Kody’s person has to say about him:
Kody will be 5 this September.  I have had him since he was a puppy, he’s a pedigree from Sarangrave Beagles.  He is the perfect, smoochiest most wonderful little guy and this is absolutely heart breaking for me.

He loves:

  • Stealing socks
  • Cuddles
  • Food
  • More cuddles
  • Drives in the car
  • Adventures in new places
  • Attempting to bury the socks he stole (even if its just to bury them in the couch)
  • Sleeping in the big bed
  • ‘Making’ the bed
  • Food
  • Cuddles
  • Blankets
  • Off leash runs at the beach and the park

He dislikes:

  • Running in the rain (he will walk annoyingly and shake often)
  • Baths
  • Not getting cuddles
  • Being woken up when it’s cold & getting made to go outside to go to the bathroom. (Can hardly blame him)
  • Getting his nails clipped. Actually, he doesn’t like it when you play with his paws

He is incredibly quiet. Has only howled a handful of times in play.  Only ever barks when playing or when the other dog we had would bark (she was very chatty and he would occasionally join in).

He’s sweet and gentle, but can get a little grouchy on rare occasions if you disrupt his comfort. We got our second dog (a large lab x) as a puppy when he was 3. He started getting a little protective over food after that, but only when she was around.

He loves kids (their faces are usually covered in food and they’re lower to the ground for him!).  He loved our cat.  He loves people at home, but if he’s out for a walk he’s not interested in them because there’s too many smells to be sniffed!

He is neutered, microchipped, registered, and all vaccinations are up to date.

No known health problems. The only issue we have is with his anal glands – they need expressing sometimes more than others.   (This is a beagle thing).

His weight is usually quite good.  The vet has always commented on his good health.

He’s really good off leash. We only do it at the beach & parks, but he doesn’t like to stray too far from me, and will almost always come when called… eventually. Still, pretty good for a beag.

He has had basic training. He will sit, stay, wait, lie down & ‘dance’ and certainly knows my tone if its a no. He’s very much a people dog, and a total Mumma’s boy.

He is really good at being alone. Incredibly low maintenance as long as he gets sufficient attention when you see him. But happily entertains himself all day long while you’re at work without barking at neighbours or destroying anything.

Totally house trained.

He’s always been an inside dog and will get whiny if you try to leave him outside for too long. He would be best suited in a house where he can be part of the family. I’ve always put a fence/pen around his bed at night to keep him in, otherwise he sneaks up to my bed. And he’s persistent!

Beagle Puppies Need Your Urgent Help

This is an urgent plea for help from an Australian Beagle Breeder who has a litter of 9 Beagle puppies.   ALL money donated on the site goes directly to the puppies so they get better!

Website to make donations is http://www.gofundme.com/2rc27s

They have sadly been diagnosed with the PARVO virus. Because they need white blood cells and blood transfusions, medical bills will be approx $2000AUD per puppy to save them.

Sara can only afford to save 4.

A site has been set up for people to help donate, every little bit helps, even if its $10!!


FOUND BEAGLE – Toby has been found. :)

Update: Toby returned home after 4 weeks lost in the Titirangi bush. He was super skinny but otherwise unharmed. Excellent news.

Lost Beagle (Toby) in Titirangi Highland Avenue on Saturday the 9th of February.

Toby has gone missing from Titirangi Highland Ave in Auckland on Saturday the 9th of Feb. He is a Beagle, microchipped and has a black collar with his name and contact phone number written on a blue tag.

If there’s any news please contact us on 027 555 2260 or 09 8498207.
More information and photos of Toby here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Find-Toby-the-Beagle/538959459457411?sk=info


VARC Beagles – Do you have one or suspect you have one?

If you brought your beagle from Margaret Harkema (VARC the Valley Animal Research Centre) or suspect it originated from her please URGENTLY contact Stacey – smurdoch@mediaworks.co.nz or in the second instance lisa@belowzero.co.nz.

Margaret Harkema, the woman behind VARC, is suing TV3 and Lisa and Stacey has been asked for some help gathering information. They desperately want to contact anyone who bought a beagle from Margaret, or even anyone who suspects their beagle originated from her.

Contacting these people is crucial to the defense of TV3. Margaret has hired the top media lawyer in NZ apparently and is going hard.