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Great news – Maddy is staying with her family

Great news. Maddy will be staying with her family. Thank you to everyone who registered an interest in adopting Maddy.

If you are interested in re-homing Maddy, please call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email raysandy@vodafone.co.nz

  • Maddy is a beautiful tricolour female beagle.
  • Sprightly 8 years young and still very playful and friendly.
  • Neutered, fully vaccinated, council registered and microchipped.
  • Up to date with worming, flea treatment and vaccinations (incl. kennel cough-lepto guard).
  • Last vet visit Dec 2015 for vaccinations (no regular vaccinations needed til Dec 2018).
  • No health issues or allergies, purchased from reputable Pet Shop in Cambridge.
  • New loving home required as we have an older border collie and unfortunately the beagle’s domination of her is making the border collie’s latter years a misery.
  • Maddy is house trained but sleeps outside in a kennel at night (regularly in and out the house during the day but she has never slept indoors).
  • Maddy is great with children, loves to play and loves to be loved…is also a sun worshipper and will hunt out a sunny spot to laze in.
  • Loves company and being part of the family (but be careful of your snacks and treats…she’ll sniff them out and have them quaffed before you know it! Will sneak off into the kids bedroom if not careful and eat their lollies, Easter eggs or Christmas box!).
  • Great with smaller dogs but not keen on larger ones (will bark and growl…Maddy thinks she’s bigger than she is!).
  • Doesn’t like cats but when confronted by one is definitely a coward!
  • Certainly doesn’t like our rabbit but then that’s the hound in her.
  • Maddy has always lived on a fully enclosed section (this would be necessary) and given plenty of exercise (on a lead due to tendency to get a scent and be off, off and away).
  • Loves a routine, certainly knows her dinner time…and always obeys to sit, wait, eat!
  • Maddy has a lovely temperament with humans and would be an ideal pet in an active, relaxed and attentive environment.
  • Maddy currently lives in Cambridge.