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Home found – Bessie

The lovely Bessie has found a new home. She has a new big brother beagle called Sam, and lives 200m from the beach.

If you are interested in re-homing Bessie, please call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email raysandy@vodafone.co.nz

  • Bessie is a lovely young female beagle, approximately 2½ to 3 years old with beautiful tri colouring.
  • She is being rehomed due to owner illness.
  • She’s had a lot of upheaval recently and can be quite anxious if left alone, but generally is pretty chilled out and well behaved.
  • If being left alone for a period of time, she feels happiest in her crate as this is her safe space.
  • She’s a typical young beagle, loves to follow her nose and investigate everything, pulls on her lead when walking because those smells are so appealing, but she is also delightfully sweet and comes when called.
  • She should always be walked on a leash unless in a fenced area.
  • She loves her food and knows several commands, all of which work best with a treat in hand.  When feeding her with two other beagles, there was no food aggression, just typical beagle enthusiasm for dinner.
  • Bessie is great with other dogs, kids, cats, and loves being around people.
  • She is used to sleeping on the bed with her owner, but is just as happy in her crate in the bedroom with you, or at least close by the family.
  • Bessie is not an outside beagle. She is an indoor beagle who needs to be with her family.
  • She was found wandering in March this year in a remote area of Dunedin, the original owners were never found and the vet estimated her age as around 2 to 2½ at the time.
  • Bessie ended up with a wonderful home and an owner who cares about her very much and wants to make sure she gets the best possible new home.
  • If ever left alone she should be crated. Ideally she will not be left alone for long periods of time.
  • She needs to go to a home where she will have company or daycare during the day.
  • The new property should be fully beagle proofed – i.e. no escape routes.
  • Bessie is spayed and micro-chipped.
  • We would advise always walking her on a lead until she is older and more settled with a new family.
  • She would make an excellent family pet.

When Bessie visited a member of the beagle club, she immediately went outside to check out the smells in the garden and to greet the two beagle boys in residence. There was no barking or howling, just quietly getting on with sniffing and investigating. She’s very inquisitive and got on well with the two older boys. She had some cuddles and joined in some training games with them. When we went in the car to the foster home, she was very good. She initially checked the car out, then snuggled up with Lucky in the back. Bessie is very quick when opening car doors, so you need to hold her lead before opening the door, or make sure she is always fastened in using her travel harness and a seat belt attachment.

The foster family report that she’s absolutely adorable and a complete sweetheart. When she sees someone she recognizes, she runs up for cuddles.

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