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Home found – pure breed beagle – female – 4 months old

Lavender has now been rehomed. Thank you everyone who showed interest.

If you are interested in purchasing Lavender, or offering a home for her, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email him at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

We are looking for a new forever family for a beautiful tricolour female, currently called Lavender, who needs re-homing due to owner illness.  The price for Lavender is $750 (usual puppy price $1500) – as a new home is needed quickly.

Lavender was born on 4th January 2015 at Burnsdale Beagles. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and will be NZKC registered. She has had successful surgery to repair a small umbilical hernia.

She has an amazingly loving temperament and has received some basic training.

As with all beagles, Lavender will need to go to a home that understands the breed, has a fully fenced and beagle proof section, and has a family committed to providing a positive learning environment, with lots of love, interaction, exercise and training.

The price for Lavender is negotiable. Of most importance is finding a loving and suitable home for this cute little girl.

Check out this page of advice for prospective beagle owners.


Home found – Leo

Leo has found a wonderful new home in the far north, with lots of company, lots of space to run around and plenty of cuddles and friends of all varieties, though he’s not yet sure about the donkeys.

If you are interested in re-homing Leo, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Leo is a lovely Beagle currently with a foster family in North Auckland. He was surrendered by his owner as she was unable to stop him from constantly escaping from the property, so he needs new owners who are used to Beagles and who are fully prepared for Beagle escape artistry and have a Beagle-proofed property.

Leo is around 4 years old and was with his previous owner for a year.

He is a sweet and gentle natured Beagle who loves lots of cuddles and is very people focused.

Leo is slightly overweight and the pound have put him onto a diet to help with that. This will be continuing in his foster home where he is staying with two other Beagles who are also on diets. It’s a Beagle thing.

The pound have received some interest from the general public but they didn’t want Leo to fall into the same situation he has just come from. He needs someone who knows and understands the breed who is willing to take him on as part of their family.

Home found – Lilly Beagle

The owners have decided to keep their beloved beagle, good news for Lilly and we hope it all works out well for Lilly and her family.

We have decided as a family that it will be in the best interest of our little Beagle, Lilly, to put her up for adoption.

We love Lilly, but we underestimated the amount of time and attention that is required to be provided to a beagle.  Lilly, is a beautiful tri-coloured beagle that is easily loved.

She has been taken through the basic obedience training, but will in typical beagle fashion get distracted by a nice scent that passes her way.

Lilly is 13 months old and loves her walks and to play with the kids. She also loves riding in the car with the family.

Lilly will need a home where she can run freely outside and ideally have a playmate during the day.  She is not allowed to roam freely inside the house, and has not been house trained specifically, but in the time that she has been with us she has been very good at indicating when she needs to go out.

Lilly comes from Napier and has received all required Vet visits. Her next check-up visit is planned for June 2013.  She has not been neutered, but she has been micro chipped.

For more details please contact Terry Humphries.  Phone: 09 536 5847.  Email: adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz