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Pain & Osteoarthritis – how to help your dog


We recently had a wonderful talk given by Dr Kym Shrimpton at our Auckland Beagle Club evening dinner event. The talk was about pain and osteoarthritis and how to spot pain in your pets and different ways they can be helped, including acupuncture therapy. Kym has forwarded her notes from the evening and you can download them here: DrKymShrimptonNotes

Kym is running a promotion on her Facebook site where people can go in the running to win arthritis packs for their dog or cat. You just need to sign up for her newsletter on the www.acupet.co.nz webpage.

Promotion Information
Fancy a pick me up for your dog or cat?

As it is getting quite a bit chillier in NZ it is a good time to think about how you are preparing your arthritic pet for the cooler months ahead. The cold and damp weather leads to lots of stiffness and pain.

To make it a little easier for our furry friends out there we are giving away a couple of arthritis packs. Each pack has a wheat bag and 2 packets of Synoquin EFA that will start your animal off in the right direction to be a little more comfortable this winter.

To win, visit www.acupet.co.nz and sign up for our newsletter online. We will contact the winners in 3 weeks. Good luck!

Find out more information about this promotion and Dr Kym Shrimpton on the facebook site www.facebook.com/acupetnz.