Home Found – Sofie

The lovely Sofie now has a new home. Thank you everyone who applied to adopt her.

If you are interested in re-homing Sofie, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Name, age, sex and colour of your beagle Sofie, 5 ½ years, spayed female, tri-colour.
Name of the breeder Jan & Alex Newton
Character of your beagle Sofie has lived with us from birth so is good with people. Diane has previously done home based childcare & Sofie loved having the children around. She continues to need further socialisation but loves playing with other animals. If they don’t play with her she will eventually leave them alone.She can get over excited when someone comes to the door & will bark & may pee however we make her lie down & stay before we let anyone in & ask them not to acknowledge her immediately.She has always enjoyed a large outdoor area & will find a warm sunny spot to sleep in during the day.We know of no allergies or sensitivities.

She has always slept indoors in someone’s bedroom. Our daughter did let her sleep with her but in our bedroom we always had her in her bed & she was tied in or she would sneak onto someone’s dressing gown or spare pillow during the night.

She is toilet trained but does occasionally pee when submitting. More work for us to ensure it doesn’t happen & she hasn’t done this for some time.

Any training your beagle has had We had puppy training & applied this to Sofie.When requesting something she will normally lie down rather than sit but does sit as well.Has to lie down & wait for her dinner until we give her her command to eat.Has had a lot of training to do tricks for food rewards & loves doing them.

We walk her strictly with no toilet breaks or stopping to sniff.

Always ongoing work.

Additional Information Council registered & microchipped.Vaccinations, worm treatment and flea treatment are up to date.Last date of vet visit was in September prior to going into kennels for Labour Weekend.

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