Home Found – Coco

Coco has now been re-homed – thank you everyone who submitted applications.  If you are still keen to help some beagles find a new forever home, please consider Leo & Spud who are also looking for a home.

If you are interested in adopting Coco, please contact Terry Humphries on 021274 9145 or by email on adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Coco is our beautiful 3.5 year old female purebred tri-colour beagle (born 12 May 2010). She is spayed and comes with papers (I can’t find the papers at the moment, but the breeder is Maria Amon from Callisto Beagles – Thames.) She has been micro chipped, has recently had a vet check on 13/12/13 and had her vaccinations including kennel cough, has been wormed and de-flead.

Our reason for needing to rehome Coco is that since having our son 18 months ago, Coco has not been getting the attention she needs from us. Our toddler torments her and we can see this causes a lot of stress and anxiety for Coco (who is usually a very happy dog). To give Coco her own space away from our toddler we have been needing to put her in the backyard more often, thus causing behavioural issues and jealousy, including barking and howling when we’re inside without her, and jumping the fence when were home (we have very low fences but this is something she’s never done before!) 

Coco would be best suited to a house without cats or other furry animals (as she loves cats sooooo much she will chase them and smother them with licks which usually terrifies the cat) but would be really happy with another dog. She is very social, she loves other dogs and people, and everyone loves Her. She is very submissive when it comes to other dogs and has never been aggressive.

Coco can be let off the lead (within reason). We are able to let her off the lead at the local park and she will usually sniff around and stay nearby. But if she gets on a scent she will take off and usually won’t listen to you calling her back until she’s had enough of tracking.

Coco sleeps in a crate in the garage at night. She is really good at going to bed when she’s told, and usually stays quiet until we get her up in the morning.

She has had lots of training as a puppy, walks quite well on the lead but once again if she gets on a scent she will pull a bit and is quite strong.  She knows basic commands, sit, stay, wait, high five, roll over, get around. But only when she’s paying attention. And if food is involved she will do anything. Of course she is fully toilet trained. She has been trained not to jump onto the couch, but if you like snuggles of course she will oblige! Coco has always been an inside and outside dog. Spending her days outside when we’re working, spending the evenings inside with us.

Coco will come with her crate, kennel, all her bedding, food bowls and any food we have left. She has always been on a diet of Eukanuba light dry food, but loves left overs and treats every now and then.


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