Home Wanted – Ben

If you are interested in re-homing Ben, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Ben was 6 last November (2013).  He is still entire but current owner is happy to get neutering performed if required.

He loves his walks and is very obedient on the lead.

If he does get out the gate because someone has let him out he comes back after piddling everywhere within a reasonable proximity.

Great with other dogs; could be a cat or rabbit killer – but this is unknown.

Absolutely great with any age group from baby through to more elderly.

Steals food left within his reach which is higher and wider than one would expect looking at his size.

Has never had any health issues except he is currently on a diet to lose the extra 8 kgs my daughter allowed him to put on.  He has lost about half of that.

Sleeps in a garage at night and is used to being on his own during the day for a few hours.

Absolutely loves going out in the car.

Registration will be transferred through the Kennel Club if the new owner wishes it and all his bits and pieces can be sent anywhere with him with freight costs covered by the current owner.

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