Home Found – Leo & Spud

Leo & Spud have finally found a new home. Yay.  It took some time as their current owner only wanted them to go to the very best home.  Thank you everyone who showed an interest in this lovely pair.

If you are interested please contact Lisa Rawlins lisa@belowero.co.nz (for North Island enquires) or Belinda Wilson bee.wilson22gmail.com (for South Island enquries). Don’t forget to include details about yourself and be sure to check our page on breed information and also our page on adopting a beagle.

Gorgeous Leo (almost 6) and Spud (8) are looking for a new home, their daughter Abby has been successfully re-homed, so just Mum & Dad needing a great new place to settle. Ideally we would like to find them a home together as they have always been together. They could go separately but would need canine company or someone who is around for a lot of the day. Their owner is reluctantly re-homing them due to very genuine reasons. Below is what he says about them (don’t they sound just lovely?)

  • All sit and wait for food
  • All good off leash in dog parks
  • Good with other animals (we have always had cats)
  • Good with children but have always been watchful as any owner would
  • Never had problem with biting but will give little growl when had enough
  • Mostly come when called
  • Always been inside dogs with dog door
  • All love cuddles. Spud and Abby like to hop on chair and cuddle at night with people
  • All like walks but also like to lay in sun, not hyperactive
  • All like company of people
  • Leo likes to be under a blanket at night
  • Spud loves belly rubs

Abby Spud Leo

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