Home Found – Kale

Thank you everyone for your interest in Kale.  He has now been successfully re-homed.

If you are interested in re-homing Kale, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at adaptablesigns@xtra.co.nz.

Kale is a tan & white neutered male who is approximately 3 years old. He is registered and microchipped.

He is being re-homed because his current owner has a small daughter (3) and finds she has less and less time to give him the exercise he needs. She is also in a rental property with inadequate fencing and he often escapes. If he gets bored he digs holes.

Unfortunately in his first year he was mostly kept in a large cage by his first owner with infrequent exercise and attention. His current owner adopted him when he was around 1, and she has now had him for about 2 years.

Kale has done 6 months obedience training and has certificates. He just loved running and performing the exercises on the course laid out at dog obedience and would probably love to more of this.

He can shake hands, dance and do tricks.

He is socialised with other cats and dogs and is good with children.

His last vet appointment was in the last 6 months – vaccinations, flea treatment and worming all up to date.

Kale needs lots of attention and heaps of exercise and workouts.

Kale has a lovely, friendly nature and his ideal home would be one with fencing and supervision with an owner who preferably has beagle experience and time to spend with him.


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