Home found – Diva

The lovely Diva has found a new home. Thank you everyone who showed an interest in rehoming her.

If you can provide a lovely new family for Diva, please get in touch using the details below.

Call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email raysandy@vodafone.co.nz

Diva is a tri-colour of around 11 years old, and she’s a gentle wee girl.

We adopted 3 months ago as her previous owners were no longer able to provide her with a suitable home environment. It was a quick & easy transition for Diva into our household, and with her friendly & easy-going nature, she settled into our family’s routine in no time.  She was also unfazed with our other 3 yr old Beagle, who reminded her regularly who was boss of our house.

However, our family spends a lot of time doing walks & various outdoor activities,  which we mostly include both dogs in. Unfortunately due to Diva’s maturing age, her physical abilities are not at the same level as our other dog.  This has unfortunately had an effect on our family & we recognize that Diva is not a good fit for our family’s lifestyle.

  • Personality: relaxed, very friendly, calm & adaptable
  • Abilities: “sit, wait & take” command for food
  • Ideal home: someone at home all day – she likes to sit/sleep during the day wherever the family are.
  • Ideally suited to a retired couple or a family that do not lead an active lifestyle. Excellent with children and young toddlers.
  • Diva is spayed, registered, and micro-chipped; her vaccinations are up to date.
  • Toilet trained
  • Very placid
  • Sociable with other dogs
  • Loves kids
  • Not bothered by cats
  • Loves people and wants to be with her family, i.e. if they are outside, she wants to be outside with them
  • Gets frightened by thunder, or really loud noises
  • Doesn’t bark, unless left alone for long periods
  • Doesn’t dig, unless bored due to be left alone for long periods
  • Feels secure in her cage for short periods
  • An inside dog, she likes the couch, but does not jump onto beds
  • Main commands she knows are ‘wait’ and ‘come’
  • Loves to wander round the neighbourhood, if given the chance
  • Obsessed with food (like most beagles)
  • Needs a home where someone is home all, or most of the day
  • Needs to live in a beagle-proof property (good fencing)




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