Committee Post Available – Club Secretary

As of May 2015, this post has been filled.


The Auckland Beagle Club is seeking a new Secretary.  The Secretary works closely with the President to handle the day to day affairs of the club and serves as a liaison with the public, our members and the New Zealand Kennel Club.  The formal position description given in the club’s constitution states:

The Secretary shall exercise and perform all the usual secretarial duties and functions and generally attend to the secretarial work of the Club and in particular shall keep and maintain:

(a)  A list of members.

(b)  Minutes of all proceedings and meetings of the Committee and Club.

(c)  All necessary records of the affairs of the Club.

The Club Secretary must be a member of the NZKC and must live within the zone of influence of the Auckland Beagle Club Inc.  The club will pay for the secretary’s membership in the NZKC.

If you wish to volunteer for this position, please contact our President Terry Humphries Phone: 09 536 5847 or  e-mail

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