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Home found – Obi (Speagle)

** UPDATE ***************************
Obi the Speagle has now been re homed to a family member of the original owner, thanks for all your interest in him.

We have received a request to help find a new forever home for Obi the Speagle (Beagle/Cocker spaniel cross).

If you are interested, please contact our rehoming co-ordinator Susie (

Obi’s details are as follows:

  • Current location: Birkenhead, North Shore
  • Reason for your beagle needing a new home: Family work and school circumstances mean Obi is left alone for long periods of time.
  • Name: Obi
  • Age: 14 months
  • Sex: Male (desexed)
  • Colour: tan and white
  • Council registered and microchipped
  • Breeder: K9 Companions, Christchurch
  • Character: Obi is energetic, loving, and in need of human and/or canine company.  He needs plenty of exercise, and loves to run. He can be very protective and guarding of his food and possessions. We would insist on a new owner with plenty of dog handling experience. Though usually very happy around all people, he has nipped and growled at people, including children, when he has felt surrounded or surprised. For this reason we would prefer an owner that does not have young children.
  • No known health issues.
  • He is very sociable with other dogs, although likes to chase cats.
  • He is toilet trained, and loves to be inside but is very happy outside provided he is not left alone for long periods.
  • He has attended puppy pre-school, is good with basic commands such as ’sit’, but could do with further training.
  • Fully vaccinated, with worm worm and flea treatment up to date.

Home found – Bessie

The lovely Bessie has found a new home. She has a new big brother beagle called Sam, and lives 200m from the beach.

If you are interested in re-homing Bessie, please call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email

  • Bessie is a lovely young female beagle, approximately 2½ to 3 years old with beautiful tri colouring.
  • She is being rehomed due to owner illness.
  • She’s had a lot of upheaval recently and can be quite anxious if left alone, but generally is pretty chilled out and well behaved.
  • If being left alone for a period of time, she feels happiest in her crate as this is her safe space.
  • She’s a typical young beagle, loves to follow her nose and investigate everything, pulls on her lead when walking because those smells are so appealing, but she is also delightfully sweet and comes when called.
  • She should always be walked on a leash unless in a fenced area.
  • She loves her food and knows several commands, all of which work best with a treat in hand.  When feeding her with two other beagles, there was no food aggression, just typical beagle enthusiasm for dinner.
  • Bessie is great with other dogs, kids, cats, and loves being around people.
  • She is used to sleeping on the bed with her owner, but is just as happy in her crate in the bedroom with you, or at least close by the family.
  • Bessie is not an outside beagle. She is an indoor beagle who needs to be with her family.
  • She was found wandering in March this year in a remote area of Dunedin, the original owners were never found and the vet estimated her age as around 2 to 2½ at the time.
  • Bessie ended up with a wonderful home and an owner who cares about her very much and wants to make sure she gets the best possible new home.
  • If ever left alone she should be crated. Ideally she will not be left alone for long periods of time.
  • She needs to go to a home where she will have company or daycare during the day.
  • The new property should be fully beagle proofed – i.e. no escape routes.
  • Bessie is spayed and micro-chipped.
  • We would advise always walking her on a lead until she is older and more settled with a new family.
  • She would make an excellent family pet.

When Bessie visited a member of the beagle club, she immediately went outside to check out the smells in the garden and to greet the two beagle boys in residence. There was no barking or howling, just quietly getting on with sniffing and investigating. She’s very inquisitive and got on well with the two older boys. She had some cuddles and joined in some training games with them. When we went in the car to the foster home, she was very good. She initially checked the car out, then snuggled up with Lucky in the back. Bessie is very quick when opening car doors, so you need to hold her lead before opening the door, or make sure she is always fastened in using her travel harness and a seat belt attachment.

The foster family report that she’s absolutely adorable and a complete sweetheart. When she sees someone she recognizes, she runs up for cuddles.

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Update: Keeba will be staying with her family.  🙂

If you are interested in re-homing Keeba, please call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email

Keeba is a 7 year old desexed female beagle looking for a forever home she is a very friendly girl and loves to be part of the family.

She comes from a reputable breeder.

Her new home must have beagle proof fences.

She is mircrochipped.

She would make a excellent family pet.

The reason for being rehomed is her current owners work 7 days a week and can’t give Keeba their time so she spends most of her time alone.




Great news – Maddy is staying with her family

Great news. Maddy will be staying with her family. Thank you to everyone who registered an interest in adopting Maddy.

If you are interested in re-homing Maddy, please call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email

  • Maddy is a beautiful tricolour female beagle.
  • Sprightly 8 years young and still very playful and friendly.
  • Neutered, fully vaccinated, council registered and microchipped.
  • Up to date with worming, flea treatment and vaccinations (incl. kennel cough-lepto guard).
  • Last vet visit Dec 2015 for vaccinations (no regular vaccinations needed til Dec 2018).
  • No health issues or allergies, purchased from reputable Pet Shop in Cambridge.
  • New loving home required as we have an older border collie and unfortunately the beagle’s domination of her is making the border collie’s latter years a misery.
  • Maddy is house trained but sleeps outside in a kennel at night (regularly in and out the house during the day but she has never slept indoors).
  • Maddy is great with children, loves to play and loves to be loved…is also a sun worshipper and will hunt out a sunny spot to laze in.
  • Loves company and being part of the family (but be careful of your snacks and treats…she’ll sniff them out and have them quaffed before you know it! Will sneak off into the kids bedroom if not careful and eat their lollies, Easter eggs or Christmas box!).
  • Great with smaller dogs but not keen on larger ones (will bark and growl…Maddy thinks she’s bigger than she is!).
  • Doesn’t like cats but when confronted by one is definitely a coward!
  • Certainly doesn’t like our rabbit but then that’s the hound in her.
  • Maddy has always lived on a fully enclosed section (this would be necessary) and given plenty of exercise (on a lead due to tendency to get a scent and be off, off and away).
  • Loves a routine, certainly knows her dinner time…and always obeys to sit, wait, eat!
  • Maddy has a lovely temperament with humans and would be an ideal pet in an active, relaxed and attentive environment.
  • Maddy currently lives in Cambridge.



Home found – Benji

Benji has now found a new home. Thank you everyone who enquired about adopting him.

If you are interested in re-homing Benji, please call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email

Currently living in Cockle Bay, Benji is a 3 year old, tan & white, neutered male.

Had a previous skin/coat issue that was intially thought to be an allergy, but this is now cleared up. Current family raw feed and use an anti-fungal shampoo to prevent flare ups, but noticed that generic food fed a few weeks ago didn’t cause any issues, so perhaps think it’s not an allergy but an isolated incident.

He’s a lovely dog, and pretty obedient for a beagle. 🙂

He’s energetic and outgoing.

He needs to be fenced in as he’s a typical beagle escape artist.

Benji is very gentle with small children.



Home found – Diva

The lovely Diva has found a new home. Thank you everyone who showed an interest in rehoming her.

If you can provide a lovely new family for Diva, please get in touch using the details below.

Call Sandra Linton-Brown on 09 256 1268, or email

Diva is a tri-colour of around 11 years old, and she’s a gentle wee girl.

We adopted 3 months ago as her previous owners were no longer able to provide her with a suitable home environment. It was a quick & easy transition for Diva into our household, and with her friendly & easy-going nature, she settled into our family’s routine in no time.  She was also unfazed with our other 3 yr old Beagle, who reminded her regularly who was boss of our house.

However, our family spends a lot of time doing walks & various outdoor activities,  which we mostly include both dogs in. Unfortunately due to Diva’s maturing age, her physical abilities are not at the same level as our other dog.  This has unfortunately had an effect on our family & we recognize that Diva is not a good fit for our family’s lifestyle.

  • Personality: relaxed, very friendly, calm & adaptable
  • Abilities: “sit, wait & take” command for food
  • Ideal home: someone at home all day – she likes to sit/sleep during the day wherever the family are.
  • Ideally suited to a retired couple or a family that do not lead an active lifestyle. Excellent with children and young toddlers.
  • Diva is spayed, registered, and micro-chipped; her vaccinations are up to date.
  • Toilet trained
  • Very placid
  • Sociable with other dogs
  • Loves kids
  • Not bothered by cats
  • Loves people and wants to be with her family, i.e. if they are outside, she wants to be outside with them
  • Gets frightened by thunder, or really loud noises
  • Doesn’t bark, unless left alone for long periods
  • Doesn’t dig, unless bored due to be left alone for long periods
  • Feels secure in her cage for short periods
  • An inside dog, she likes the couch, but does not jump onto beds
  • Main commands she knows are ‘wait’ and ‘come’
  • Loves to wander round the neighbourhood, if given the chance
  • Obsessed with food (like most beagles)
  • Needs a home where someone is home all, or most of the day
  • Needs to live in a beagle-proof property (good fencing)




Home found – Rango

Great news. Rango has found a lovely new home.

If you are interested in re-homing Rango, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email him at

Rango (nickname Rangus – he responds to both) is two and a half years old; his birthday is the 5th of April and he’s been with his owner since puppyhood. Rango is tricolour, neutered and microchipped. His breeder was Michelle at Brooklane Beagle Kennels.

Rango is often described as the happiest dog in the world, he loves children and other dogs. He has spent nearly every day at the local dog park from day dot socialising with other dogs. He loves to be off lead in open spaces and surprisingly for a beagle, always comes back.

He is full of energy which makes him a fantastic running buddy – he runs nearly 30 minutes everyday on the lead together with his current human. He likes to hold the lead in his own mouth and lead the way.  He loves to have his nose to the ground if just walking like your typical beagle.

Rango is well behaved but the energy and excitement can mean he jumps up a little, but he will stop when told. He is driven by wanting to be around people and where the action is.

Rango is healthy and hearty, and has never had any problems with his health apart from one time he got into the cat food and ate the whole box – needless to say he had a sore tummy after that.

Rango loves the water and the beach – he goes to Pt Chev beach off lead nearly every weekend.

Rango is primarily an outside dog but he sleeps on a mat inside in a room with his current owner. He cannot be left alone in the house yet as he likes to get into things and move them around the house.

If you are interested in re-homing Rango, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email him at

Home found – pure breed beagle – female – 4 months old

Lavender has now been rehomed. Thank you everyone who showed interest.

If you are interested in purchasing Lavender, or offering a home for her, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email him at

We are looking for a new forever family for a beautiful tricolour female, currently called Lavender, who needs re-homing due to owner illness.  The price for Lavender is $750 (usual puppy price $1500) – as a new home is needed quickly.

Lavender was born on 4th January 2015 at Burnsdale Beagles. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and will be NZKC registered. She has had successful surgery to repair a small umbilical hernia.

She has an amazingly loving temperament and has received some basic training.

As with all beagles, Lavender will need to go to a home that understands the breed, has a fully fenced and beagle proof section, and has a family committed to providing a positive learning environment, with lots of love, interaction, exercise and training.

The price for Lavender is negotiable. Of most importance is finding a loving and suitable home for this cute little girl.

Check out this page of advice for prospective beagle owners.


Home found – Leo

Leo has found a wonderful new home in the far north, with lots of company, lots of space to run around and plenty of cuddles and friends of all varieties, though he’s not yet sure about the donkeys.

If you are interested in re-homing Leo, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at

Leo is a lovely Beagle currently with a foster family in North Auckland. He was surrendered by his owner as she was unable to stop him from constantly escaping from the property, so he needs new owners who are used to Beagles and who are fully prepared for Beagle escape artistry and have a Beagle-proofed property.

Leo is around 4 years old and was with his previous owner for a year.

He is a sweet and gentle natured Beagle who loves lots of cuddles and is very people focused.

Leo is slightly overweight and the pound have put him onto a diet to help with that. This will be continuing in his foster home where he is staying with two other Beagles who are also on diets. It’s a Beagle thing.

The pound have received some interest from the general public but they didn’t want Leo to fall into the same situation he has just come from. He needs someone who knows and understands the breed who is willing to take him on as part of their family.

Home Found – Sofie

The lovely Sofie now has a new home. Thank you everyone who applied to adopt her.

If you are interested in re-homing Sofie, please call Terry Humphries on 021 274 9145, or email at

Name, age, sex and colour of your beagle Sofie, 5 ½ years, spayed female, tri-colour.
Name of the breeder Jan & Alex Newton
Character of your beagle Sofie has lived with us from birth so is good with people. Diane has previously done home based childcare & Sofie loved having the children around. She continues to need further socialisation but loves playing with other animals. If they don’t play with her she will eventually leave them alone.She can get over excited when someone comes to the door & will bark & may pee however we make her lie down & stay before we let anyone in & ask them not to acknowledge her immediately.She has always enjoyed a large outdoor area & will find a warm sunny spot to sleep in during the day.We know of no allergies or sensitivities.

She has always slept indoors in someone’s bedroom. Our daughter did let her sleep with her but in our bedroom we always had her in her bed & she was tied in or she would sneak onto someone’s dressing gown or spare pillow during the night.

She is toilet trained but does occasionally pee when submitting. More work for us to ensure it doesn’t happen & she hasn’t done this for some time.

Any training your beagle has had We had puppy training & applied this to Sofie.When requesting something she will normally lie down rather than sit but does sit as well.Has to lie down & wait for her dinner until we give her her command to eat.Has had a lot of training to do tricks for food rewards & loves doing them.

We walk her strictly with no toilet breaks or stopping to sniff.

Always ongoing work.

Additional Information Council registered & microchipped.Vaccinations, worm treatment and flea treatment are up to date.Last date of vet visit was in September prior to going into kennels for Labour Weekend.