Beagle Breeders & Puppies

Acquiring a Puppy
The Club holds a list of reputable breeders within New Zealand and also advertises a number of them on our website. The New Zealand Kennel Club will also have information on Beagle breeders, see

If buying a puppy it is important to only use reputable breeders. This will give you confidence that the Beagle you choose has clearly recorded breed lines and that any potential health-related genes have been selectively bred out. Breeders who are committed to developing and improving the Beagle breed will have their Beagle litters registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club, and if you are considering exhibiting your Beagle in the Show arena, your Beagle will need to be registered.

Your breeder will probably want to ask you many questions before selling you one of their Beagles and this might include enquiring about your home, lifestyle, and commitment to owning a Beagle, to ensure you will make a suitable and responsible owner.

Some of the questions you might consider asking your breeder include:
· Have the puppies been wormed and vaccinated?
· Other health questions?
· Are the puppies registered with NZKC?
· Do you provide a diet sheet and feeding schedule?
· Is there a Beagle Club in my locality?

Puppies for sale
Please contact a reputable breeder for information about future litters.