Rehome Your Beagle


We are happy to help you find a new home if you are unable to keep your beagle.

  • Beagles placed through this service are for adoption, not for sale.
  • We advertise your Beagle for re-homing on this site and on our Facebook page. There is a $40 fee for this service.
  • If your situation is urgent, please ensure we know that you need help quickly. 
  • We receive many requests from potential Beagle adopters and want to ensure we find the best match for your Beagle. We use the information you provide to match your Beagle to a suitable home. We then put you in contact with the people who are best suited to your Beagle.

Please send your $40 fee to:
Auckland Beagle Club
Shane Moriarity
30 Marguerita Place, Hobsonville
Auckland 0618
or contact him for direct deposit information at

Upon receipt of the rehoming fee our Rehoming Coordinator, Sandra Linton-Brown, will contact you for further information on your beagle. Please note that we can put people in touch with you but it is up to you to vet all enquiries and make the decision regarding the best home for your particular beagle.

To help you do this it is a good idea to think about the points listed below to ensure that you give your beagle the best possible new home and ease his or her transition.

  • think carefully about the character of your beagle
  • think about the home that would ideally suit your dog
  • be clear about what features would definitely NOT suit your beagle
  • never compromise, you owe it to your beagle to place him or her in the most suitable home possible
  • in any new home an adult must take the ultimate responsibility of your beagle’s life with enthusiasm
  • check how much time the potential new owner can spend with your beagle. It is not ideal if you are told your pet is intended for the children as they can lose interest
  • an interactive Guardian is more important than the size of the back yard
  • be fussy, no beagle should ever be left 24/7 in a back yard, chained or caged
  • you may need to bide your time and wait until the right home becomes available
  • ensure that when your beagle goes to his or her new home you also send along their bed and any favourite toys as these will have familiar smells and provide some comfort for the dog
  • we would strongly suggest that you do not give your beagle away. If someone is willing to pay for him/her (even if only a small amount) they are more likely to genuinely want him/her.

Your beagle’s details will stay on the site until you advise he/she has found a home or the listing is no longer needed. Please provide the following information:

  • your contact details
  • reason for your beagle needing a new home (e.g. marriage breakup, change of residential circumstances, inability to cope, dogs temperament etc)
  • name, age, sex and colour of your beagle (tricolour or tan and white)
  • whether your beagle is entire or neutered/spayed
  • whether your beagle is council registered and/or microchipped
  • name of the breeder (where known)
  • at least one recent photo of your beagle
  • some details about the character of your beagle
  • any temperament problems
  • any health issues, allergies or sensitivities
  • if your beagle has been socialised with other dogs and/or cats
  • if your beagle has been allowed indoors and is toilet trained
  • any training your beagle has had
  • date of last veterinary visit and whether vaccinations, worm treatment and flea treatment are up to date.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, the Beagle Adoption Programme.