Past Beagle Walks – Oakley Creek – April 2013

Beagle Walk – Oakley Creek Saturday 20th April

Report by Terry Humphries

This was our first walk to test the new starting time (10am) for our Beagle walks, and I am pleased to say everyone who attended was on time. We started at the Harbutt Reserve in Mount Albert, and walked to an area that was an off-leash dog friendly field.  This allowed our 28 dogs a good run around in large circles where they could get to know each other before walking the Oakley Creek track.

The first part of the track was gravel, and off-leash as it followed Oakley Creek for about 150 metres.  Then the track was concrete path for the remainder of the walk. I was not surprised to hear comments from others, that they were amazed that such a nice looking creek and surrounding native bush was situated right here in the hustle and bustle of motorways and urban community living.  It is areas like this that our dogs and owners can enjoy.  And a big thanks to the local volunteers of organised working projects who keep areas like this clean and green.

We next stopped at the Oakley Creek waterfall and had our traditional photo shoot.  Whilst taking a breather, I told everyone of the history of the creek back to the days when this walkway was only accessible to patients of what was the Point Chevalier Mental Hospital some 60 years ago.

Once we had walked to the far North end of the track we walked up Great North Road in single file stretching a good 100 metres. This sight was good advertising for the Beagle Club. We then cut back down a very steep section of hill, to a flood gate concrete wall that we had to cross, which was a good test for all as it was only about 30cm wide. Once we had all crossed we had a break and talked amongst ourselves while those with cameras took the opportunity to take photos.

We set off on the return track and towards the end we came across a large pool area in the creek where some of us tried to encourage our Beagles to take a swim – as we know, not the most favorable thing that Beagles like.  However there were the usual ones that took the opportunity to get wet. On our return (which to my surprise took a full two hours) we said our goodbyes.  Jennifer had brought along her Cup of Tea and Biscuits and stayed on enjoying the company with a few, whilst others like me had to rush off, must learn not to do this!!

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